Brown’s Feeding Bottles

Why Parent’s Trust Dr. Brown’s Feeding Bottles

Dr Browns Fles is a known baby bottle brand that has been known for their unique bottle designs. Dr. Brown’s defined and set a new standard for how baby bottles should be. Aside from baby bottles, the brand also has breastfeeding care products, baby care products, pacifiers, teethers, and cups.

Baby bottles are essentially the lifeline of parents. It’s an essential that any parent can’t live without. No matter how good a feeding bottle is and how it’s supposed to mimic a mother’s breast and the feeding experience might still be far off, but if the approach is to promote a positive, safe and healthy feeding experience, then Dr. Brown’s is already there.

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The selling point: Dr. Brown’s baby bottles were designed way back in 1996 by an American doctor named Craig Brown. It was in 1997 that the valve system was patented called Dr. Brown’s natural flow. It’s the bottle that has this an internal vent system that helps reduce colic, burping, spi ups, gas, air bubbles, preserves vitamins and nutrients, eliminates negative pressure, helps minimize oxidation and promotes vacuum free feeding.

It’s safe: The fact that the bottles are BPA free, does not contain phthalates and lead make this a very safe product to use for babies and makes it already a selling point for most parents. If you’re a parent and you are looking for a feeding bottle, you don’t buy one like your buying a smartphone for features, you set your expectations simply because it’s just a feeding bottle. You don’t even know any technical features of feeding bottles if there is really such a word, all you want as a parent if to buy feeding bottles that are safe to use. But with Dr. Brown’s, you get more than that.

It’s multi awarded: Dr. Brown’s is the number one selling baby bottle brand in america and the awards that this brand has is a testament to that. You don’t get an award just for doing a good job, you have to be exceptional in order to get one. Because of great quality products that yield great results, it was a no-brainer that Dr. Brown’s is now a household name.

  • The Cribsie Awards 2012 Winner
  • She Knows Parenting Awards Winner 2013
  • Babycenter’s Moms Picks 2014
  • Fit Pregnancy And Baby Best Awards Winner 2016
  • Fit Pregnancy And Baby Best Awards Winner 2017
  • Babycenter’s Moms Picks 2017
  • What To Expect Winner of Mom Must Have Award of 2017

Dr. Brown’s is hands down the best feeding bottle in the world right now. Their patented valve system ensures that every use of their product is a positive experience. It’s safe and trusted by parents worldwide. Their awards only prove that their dedication translates to a better experience. If you need a trusted online website that can provide quality baby products just like Dr. Brown’s there’s no better site to visit that Nutur. This site offers all baby and parenting products that babies and parents will surely love. Order Dr. Brown’s product today and discover for yourself why they are the best.