unique yacht

The Unique Features and Performances of Sanlorenzo 46 Steel

Sanlorenzo 46 steel is an exciting yacht to say the fact. It offers numerous innovations to give the visitor a unique experience like none other.  It is a beauty to behold from every angle and well rigged to give the client a wonderful experience while on board. The underlying lower deck is one of the major features that make this yacht special; this is a unique addition that covers the entire length of the yacht from the engine room to the bow.  Call it ‘heaven on earth,’ and you will not be far from the truth. In this write-up, you will learn about the other features that make Sanlorenzo 46 steel a unique yacht.


Sanlorenzo 46 steel is built to ensure fuel consumption efficiency with its uniquely designed bulbous bow, which also promotes stability. The tank is solidly built and tested for reliability by the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). Its unique performance also places it far above many of its competitors.  The base model has a range of 4,000 nautical miles at 12 knots.  One of the models is called Trident; it features aluminum superstructure and steel hull, as well as able to cruise 3,500 nautical miles even without refueling.

unique yacht

Its construction

Sanlorenzo 46 steel is constructed using an aluminum superstructure and steel displacement hull. It is a 46-meter long superyacht and comes with five decks. Its folding transom equally features water-level beach club. The starboard-side tender garage ensures that the upper deck can be adequately cleared for the use of guests on board the yacht. The following  are highlights of its constructions

  • 46 meters overall length
  • 9.3 meters beam
  • 2.65 meters draught at full load
  • 17-knot maximum speed
  • Can accommodate ten guests at once
  • Can accommodate up to 9 crew members
  • Its fuel tank capacity if 45,000 liters.

Peaceful interior

The interior of the yacht is peaceful to say the fact. Therefore, every guest will enjoy his or her stay on board the Sanlorenzo 46 steel. The yacht is designed in such a way that the vibration of the engine is not felt on board or by any of the guests in their rooms; the materials with which the yacht is built can absorb the vibrato and humps of the machinery for the complete peace and comfort of the guests.


The ‘box in box’ approach adopted in building the Sanlorenzo 46 steel makes it one of the best for anyone that desires top notch pleasure ride. The complete comfort of the guest is assured on board, and you will get top value for your money all through.