Chicago Motor Coach Company has spent the last decade providing Chicago customer-centric coach bus rentals and transportations services. Their bus services have continuously helped and establish itself as one of the premier shuttle and charter providers in Chicago.

Do you need a bus for the trip? Field trip? Business trip? If then, why do we need to rent that bus? Is it affordable to rent for? or are they comfortable to ride with? The Chicago Motor Coach Company has already answered your wishes. It is because Chicago Motor Coach Inc. is one of the most referred buses in Chicago. And continues to keep safety as the number one (1) priority and to gain and maintain good customer services.

Here are the buses that you want to take a ride with:

First, the most comfortable and most popular bus and costs $143 per Hour (5 Hours Min). It can set up to 56 passengers. This bus where can impress the clients for enjoying the long ride. It has what you need. It customizes videocassette recorder (VCR), CD player, and television (TV). It delivers an entertainment for your long ride. This bus is already equipped with an onboard restroom to avoid frequent stops. And to avoid irritating other passengers.

Second, the bus with the best price per seat and costs $132 per Hour (5 Hours Min). It can cater 42 seats with their rear luggage or 50 seats for those who have not. For all your entertaining needs, it is already equipped with a TV with VCR/DVD player. And a PA system and CD player on board to listen to music while taking a long ride. It is the best choice for cost-effective transportation.

Third, the bus with the best executive choice costs $127 per Hour (4 Hours Min). A bus with a full-leather interior and a variety of entertainment options. An executive coach bus can cater 36 seats rear luggage or 40 seats without luggage. The reason why is to avoid overloading and to avoid accidents as well. This executive bus is an ideal choice for every businesses event. And/or any other special occasions.

Fourth, the bus with an optimal choice costs $121 per Hour (4 Hours Min). This minibus can seat up to 32 passengers or 28 passengers with rear luggage. This minibus is already equipped with the safety features including retractable seat belts. And provides first-class entertainment with flat screen televisions (TV) and DVD/CD player. This minibus is perfect for local trips or tours, as well as airport transfers.

Last, the bus costs $121 per Hour (4 Hours Min). And it can comfortably seat up to 28 passengers or 24 passengers with rear luggage. This minibus is equipped with the latest entertainment options including with flat screen TV and a DVD player.It is perfect for local trips and airport transfers.

It is not about the money how much we pay for the cost. But it is the enjoyment of everybody deserves to feel it. Money is what you pay. Value is what you get.