Secured Law Practice

Protection of Human Rights with Secured Law Practice by Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow regarded for his support to religious rights and human rights globally. In 1997, he found European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ), a worldwide offshoot of ACLJ, in Strasbourg, France. He established the ECLJ to promote consistent and administrative support to human rights and religious opportunities in Europe. JAY SEKULOW’S INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS & NATIONAL SECURITY LAW PRACTICE has driven the ECLJ in a prosecution under the watchful eye of the European Court of Human Rights and works with the U.N. also, European Union administrative bodies. Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of ECLJ helped the worldwide non-regulatory association to have special consultative status with the United Nations (U.N.) in 2007.

Jay Sekulow Law Work

Jay Sekulow Law Work for Securing of Human rights

In 1998, Mr. Sekulow built up Slavic Center of Law and Justice (SCLJ) as a subsidiary corporation with the ECLJ and ACLJ in Russia in Moscow. In 2010, Jay Sekulow built up the African Center for Law and Justice in Zimbabwe, Justice in Kenya and the East African Center for Law. These associations driven to promote, secure, and safeguard human rights and spiritual opportunities all through Africa. In partnership with Handong Global University, Jay Sekulow set up an ACLJ office in South Korea in the year 2011.

Rising Popularity Of Jay Sekulow

Mr. Sekulow rose as central rival of crawling Shariah (Islamic law), as it proves to invade U.S. legitimate framework and debilitates confidence all through the world. Jay Sekulow gathered an exceptionally gifted national security legitimate group in the U.S. also, in Israel, including previous U.S. Lawyer General John Ashcroft. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel and previous Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Danny Ayalon, said thanks to him for his promotion form benefit of Israel, expressing, “Jay Sekulow is a true partner of Israel who has striven with us as an integral unit in some of Israel’s most key, global fights.”

He has authored several books since his early age. All his books have shown that the man has a wide range and upper hand in presenting complicated issues in a way people would like to be told.