Newly Bought Motherboard

MoBo for I5 8400: The Right Way of Installing Your Newly Bought Motherboard

If you are planning to upgrade your desktop, better change your motherboard. The computer is a complex system and it cannot work properly when not installed with the right motherboard. This is because it is the backbone of your computer. It connects to every component in your PC.

powerful motherboard

It is vital to choose the right motherboard. And when it comes to knowing what motherboard to use with the I5 8400, that would be the ASUS Prime Z370-A. To know something about this powerful motherboard and the right way of installing it, this page will bring you answers you need.

ASUS Prime Z370-A Description

ASUS Prime Z370-A motherboard is a powerful device which offers firm foundation needed for your computer. It brings advanced technologies including immersive onboard audio, wide-ranging cooling controls, automated system tuning, and ASUS fan extension card support. Additionally, it is smart because of its 5-way optimization which allows only a single click in taking care of your system. It is also great for users who love to play games or edit videos because it acquires a safe slot which can shield your graphics card. More than anything else, its Intel Optane memory is non-volatile and accelerates your attached storage to lower both booting and loading times. Things go more responsive here.

The Installation Process

After buying the motherboard, it is important to understand the right way of installing it. This is to assure that your board is safe as it is sensitive. Here are things you need to do:

o   Open your computer case by removing the side panels so it is much easier to access the motherboard tray.

o   Remember that you need to reinstall your operating system, especially when upgrading. You must also format your drives.

o   Think of safety. To keep yourself out from electric shock, it is necessary to discharge any electrostatic charge you have. Better wear an antistatic wrist strap here to prevent such danger.

o   Begin replacing the I/O panel shield, find and install the standoffs, and place the board right on the standoffs. Be sure to have the holes all lined up.

o   Take time to install all the other components of the PC before reinserting the board.

o   Do not forget to connect the power supply once done securing the motherboard. You must also not miss connecting the front panel, front USB ports, and CPU fans.

o   Be sure to install the drives, video card, and adjust any wirings when needed.

The Advice

It is vital to install the motherboard properly as it manages to how the entire computer system will work. By that, the help of this guide will give ideas you need. But of course, you may ask a friend for some help if you are having a hard time installing the board appropriately.