Social Media


When Instagram was first introduced, it was mainly a means people used to upload their photos. Many people took to it and the numbers have continued to grow. It is no longer just an avenue for people to show their photos, it has become a marketing tool and using photos is the best way to market a product. Professional photographers have been great beneficiaries of Instagram since it has increased their business through exposure to the over 800 million monthly Instagram users. The one thing that drives people to a particular photo is the number of likes it gets. People get curious and this is why it is important for you to get more likes on Instagram to drive people to see why so many people like your photo.

Increase traffic to your business

Consumers are no longer attracted to things they cannot see. Aesthetics has become so important that is has become necessary for people who are in the service industry to include photos of before and after they performed a particular task. Telling people that you clean carpets is no longer a valid selling point. People need to see you doing it and the final product if they are to believe you. It is of even more value to you if they see that others have liked what you are doing. If they had any doubts, the likes on your photo will dissuade them and cause them to seek your service. If you are serious about attracting traffic to your business, it is time for you to get more likes on Instagram.

People like photos more than words

Some people may call it being lazy, others may call it time saving. It is more likely that some your potential consumers will not have the time to read all that you write on your website. There is a category of potential consumers who simply go to Instagram in search of photos that will appeal to them before buying something or requesting for a service. Ignoring Instagram means you are missing out on so many clients who would rather choose to buy instagram photo likes something based on the photos. These numbers keep growing and it has become necessary for businesses to use photos to show case what they do. Look around you and see how people are always documenting everything they are doing using photos. You therefore need to get more likes on Instagram if you want your business noticed.