Master the Art of Branding

How to Master the Art of Branding,According to RonnTorossian

When it comes to creating the ideal brand, there is no free-size-strategy that comes into account. Ron Torossian states that, even if there was a rigid guide explaining the nuances of branding, it would not stick around for a long time because the market is quite dynamic and moves at a rapid pace. It can be quite difficult to keep up with this evolving market scape.

nuances of branding

To make sure that a company and its brand are always in contact with their customers in the most successful way, many businesses will need to put in some time and energy to stay ahead of common trends. Besides creating a logo that suits the current vibe of the company, the brand name and the messaging system should also be changed to match the buying persona of the customers.

The average company can master branding by implementing the following suggestions as coined by Ronn Torossian.

  1. Start with an audit:

The easiest way to upgrade a strategy is to start by looking out for what people want when they think about your company. Whether, the company actively nurtures an identity for their firm or not there are chances that the company is already talking about them online. To know what type of identity meets the standards that are set by customers, an organization will need to learn and research as much as they can. Companies can check their reputation online by searching their names on any search engine websites. They can search for the brand names, important hashtags that are related to any campaigns that the company has launched recently, or even check for mentions. It is also important to check out for specific tools that are designed to help with branding.

  1. Building a strong online presence:

Few years ago, the only thing a company would do to increase their online presence would be to create a blog or website or maybe even a Facebook page. While these trends are still exiting, there a lot more tools that a company can make use of to enhance their social media presence online. For example, Snapchat and Instagram are really famous in a market that is visually focused. Video-based content is very popular among the younger target audience, for brands that are coming up all over the world.

  1. Transparency and building a relationship is the main focus:

Finally, in the upcoming years, a brand will need to be so much more than just a name and a fancy typographical logo. The right brand should be able to convey a powerful message because it will build empathy and trust with a target audience. Customers want to depend on companies that can give them the best experience every time, and customer satisfaction has now become a top priority. A company should be transparent and focus on its purpose to achieve better customer relations in the upcoming years.


In the end Ronn Torossian states that, customers will want the best outcomes from brands that they follow and they will want their opinions on the brand quality to be of matter.