Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an essential tool for many businesses and organizations to promote their products, services found in their websites, blogs and online platform applications but only a few are aware that it is also essential towards the success of a legal firm’s objective to promote its services.

For years, a lot of legal firms across the globe seek the help of web development companies and web developers to boost their online platforms so that it is easier for potential clients to find them on the internet through legal advertising since there is an existing stiff competition between law firms.

SEO to boost

To explain it in a simple way; legal firms also need SEO to boost their websites and make it easier for people to find on the internet which is filled with millions of websites and blogs aside from having thousands of competitors. SEO companies create solutions through binding keywords that are commonly relevant or related to law firms like divorce, final will, and testament, trademark, traffic, business representation, discrimination, termination and notary.

Aside from boosting SEO in the internet, legal firms also seek help from web developers to create them a well designed and user-friendly website that details their services, the lawyers under the firm; their credentials, their specialties and the firm’s background and contact numbers. There is even SEO for lawyers; that is called legal marketing.

Legal marketing is the term used to advertise law firms practices like client relations, professional organizations, public relations, and networking to name a few. This is the business aspect of law firms to promote themselves to the public and attract potential clients.

There are distinctive ways and methods in making legal marketing effective for a law firm. The law firm should first have a connection between multiple referral sources that are interchangeable on a weekly basis through emails, meetings, and phone calls.

Second is, of course, create a website. Having a website convinces potential clients that the law firm is legitimate and transparent in terms of its background.

A law firm’s website should maintain a strong SEO presence by having regular updates to produce a big lead among competitors. Although this move is costly in return, it sure attracts a lot of people.

SEO is not just about putting a website on top; it is also essential in leading people to the law firm’s websites by fixing broken links, encoding the right keywords related to law firms and teaches them on how to interact with people who are seeking legal help.

In a report from National Law Review; over 96 percent of people are seeking legal advice by using Google where 62 percent of the searches are related to personal matters that need legal advice while around 70 percent visit a law firm website due to seek advice about consumer care and rights. There is also a huge percentage of people who search law firm websites to learn of its location along with people who are looking for an attorney near them that is why SEO is very important to become an asset of a law firm.