For musicians and stage crew, one of the most difficult musical instruments to ensemble successfully is the drum kit. It requires a special kind of microphone that will be able to absorb the right sound that comes from the drums during the live performance event at high decibel levels.

For most experts in this field, a pair of overhead condenser microphones is the ideal component in setting up a drum kit’s overhead microphones to be able to cover all the areas of the entire drum kit and capture all the sounds of it. This is an important investment especially for musicians who wish to enhance and get that perfect drum beat that they want to be heard by their audience.

perfect drum beat

In this article, we will show you The Best Overhead Drum Microphones | Reviews 2018 available in the market.

  • AKG Pro C414 Stereoset Vocal Condenser Microphone, Multipattern (Price: $1,828.99)- it is one of the new improvements offered by AKG to enhance the capabilities of its previous microphone models. It’s main new feature is its ability to boost the presence and the spatial reproduction of the overhead microphone’s ability to absorb and amplify a great sound from the drum kit through its broad dynamism range that captures all of the noise from the kit as it filters the bass to help the sound system produce a clear and crisp sound from the percussions and the drum kit.
  • AKG Pro Audio C214Stereo Set Condenser Microphone, Cardioid (Price: $899.00)- This type of microphone that comes from AKG is designed to be a cost-effective replacement for the higher variant of the C414 microphone types offered by AKG. It is considered to be a professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone which offers an excellent suspension that helps the reduction of the mechanical noise from the percussion.
  • The Shure KSM32 (Price: $ 499.00) –Unlike the AKG, Shure KSM32 is used as an isolated microphone that only has a single diaphragm and cardioids condenser which is best used in studio recording and live performances because of the pure and natural percussion sounds it amplifies through its extended frequency response making the percussion sound to be more natural compared to the original source of the sound.
  • Neumann KM 184 MT Stereo Set Condenser Microphone (Price: $1,599.95)- This type of the Neumann microphones comes in a pair which is built to be a smaller diaphragm  condenser microphones which utilize cardioids to capture the sound from the percussion and the drum kits, leaving only the extra and scratchy sounds of the percussion.