Essence of public relations in the market

Essence of public relations in the market

Now a day’s, the role of public relations in the current market plays a key role.  Especially public relations professionals’ existence is increasing day by day for the development of PR firms as its existence is widely popular in the market today. Under this category only Ronn Torossian is popularly named as a renowned public relations professional for his own PR firm in America. He is acquired a huge demand in PR firms for being the best and popularly named as the best PR executive of the year. This award was given by American business awards in the field of PR firms. Let us learn a bit more about his essence of public relations in the market.

huge demand in PR firms

Let’s know about what are public relations according to him:

In this field of public relations, a PR firm professional Ronn Torossian acquires a popularity of 20 years of experience in this kind of advertising field. Actually public relations are not considered like a direct form of advertising. In short it is known to be a form of storytelling art. Its only motive is to attract the audience with your marketing skills of approach and convince them and promoting your ideas and let them buy your products and support your designated position as well.

He stated the major differences between public relations and advertising form:

Let’s discuss in brief;

Most importantly he says that public relations concentrate on creating a notified publicity about a specified target here which brings a positive impact on people. It includes the brand image, trustworthy nature etc. coming across to advertising motive, it is very direct form of advertising. You can advertise your products directly but in case of public relations, marketing approach is slight different. Moreover customers react differently to different forms of advertising. Through newspapers or articles, public connects instantly in a direct approach with the relevant content. So they can understand easily with the idea of a professional proposal in the form of content related. Here newspapers or online approaches act as a third party.

The Conclusion:

Hence public relations role in the marketing world plays a definite role in the very competitive global market today.