Successful Business Owner

Be A Successful Business Owner With Ridge Road

If you are a business owner, you want the path that you chose to be a success. Ridge Road can help you with that. They are focused to help you own great businesses for a long period of time. They have built businesses from scratch and they also helped restructure troubled businesses, provide growth capital for fast-growing companies, and also bring minority positions in various large companies. You might go through different paths before we achieve success but Ridge Road has the best people who can help us. One of them is Adam Jiwan.

Who Is Adam Jiwan?

Adam Jiwan is an investor that has taken him all over the world. He is known for his passion for investing and business building. His experiences with investing in public and private business from all over the world and with different sectors have given him the edge in his investment philosophy that he now applies at Ridge Road.

His career has involved leadership positions at prominent investment management firms all over the world. He is highly interested in periods of financial stress, dislocations, and also misperceived growth opportunities. He is also very interested in thinking of creative investment structures that can help achieve the objectives of the projects because he is a believer in “win-win” outcomes.

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Ridge Road’s Different Key Values

Alignment. For Ridge Road, the best results are easily achieved when everyone pulls together. The company is focused to align its partners, investors, and different portfolio business management teams on their deals. They are investing in each deal and work together with the management in order for them to build great businesses.

Long-Term Success. Ridge Road believes that great things will take time to build. If you want to achieve good outcomes, remember that they are not usually achieved in a three-year investment cycle. They are more focused on maximum value creation for longer periods of time by matching the capital base with their goals.

Hands-On Partners. Ridge Road makes sure that they combine investing and business-building experiences. They want to be your hands-on partners and help you achieve opportunities with entrepreneurial instead of with an institutional mindset. Their most profitable investments are those that are with complex situations that require hard work.

Flexibility. Ridge Road is investing in both public and private companies all across different industries and geographies. The company employs a creative approach to investments where they focus more on the scope of the opportunity rather than the location of the company, or whether the company is public or private. Their flexibility and patience are hallmarks of the company approach.

More Focus. The investment approach of the company does not include constraints when it comes to location or industry. They are more focused in following different attributes of the businesses that they consider for an investment.

If you want to be better with your business approach and you need another person who can provide you with a new perception and ideas, Ridge Road can help you with that. Adam Jiwan is just one of the best people who can help you achieve success with your business ventures.