Checklist for buying CPO

Certified pre-owned (CPO) is a very good option for those buyers who are looking to experience the feels of a new car at a lesser price. CPO provides confidence to the buyers by providing CPO warranties, whichcover most of the damage in most of the cases on the luxury cars for sale in chicago. We have made a CPO checklist for you while buying your CPO car.

used luxury cars in chicagoConsider different models

There are more varieties of used cars than the regular new cars. There are so many varieties of cars available that you might get confused. So, before you go out looking for different used cars, make sure that you already have a few car models in your mind which fits your requirement. DO not settle for a particular manufacturer, try out different brands. You can get different brand cars at a cheaper price than the brand which you have already set your mind on. You need to compare different models and their price before settling for one.

Learn about the CPO Programs Offered

There are three categories of CPO programs namely manufacturer, dealer and third party. All these programs have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The warranty which is backed by the manufacturer offers the best coverage. The dealer-backed warranty offers easier repairs on its CPO vehicles with the upfront costs being lesser. However, it depends on the vehicle and the program which you choose. Thus, it is important to keep information on different CPO programs and the vehicles on which they apply.

Search online for Dealer Inventory

You can search online for differently used car inventories to get information on different CPO models. You should do the evaluation of both the models as well as the CPO coverage which is offered. You should keep a note of the small things such as the mileage and other additional features so that it becomes easy for you while comparing them side by side. After you find out a few models, you can contact your dealer to get you the car.

Detail study of the CPO Program Coverage

After you have chosenanparticular car, you need to review the CPO program which is offered along with it. While reviewing, pa extra attention to the benefits of the coverage like the CPO warranty. Also, review the policies on the repair costs and the vehicle flaws, which are present during the sale. It is important to look at the mileage and the time limits of the car along with the reviews from the consumer regarding certain programs. This will give you an idea about the services provided by different dealers and manufacturers. After you are done with the visual inspection, you can sign the deal and buy the car.


If you are able to tick your entirebucketlist, then you are surely going to get a great deal on your CPO car.